Matthew J. Holland

A good day in Osaka

With tickets to Cirque du Soleil's Kooza in hand, we headed into Osaka this past Saturday, and enjoyed a walk around Nakanoshima, an area so close from Yodoyabashi but for some reason it just feels out of the way, so we don’t often mosey all the way down there. Lots of new buildings along the river and many more going up at present. That's an area I'm expecting to take off in the next couple years.

From the north side of the river, the big top came nicely into view.

I managed a brief shot at the entrance in the few seconds open when smile-less groups of middle-aged women weren't huddled in front of it.

Daihatsu commercials (which I adore) were playing constantly in the big top concession zone, they're really hyping up their advertising machine these days. The show was, as expected, phenomenal. From the very start when the live trombonist starts roaring out the opening theme, it's really not possible to avoid being sucked into the bizarre clown and kite-filled dreamworld. What a pleasure.